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Monday, April 27, 2009

American Indian pottery.....a wonderful start

Traditional Pueblo Indian pottery is a fascinating collectable, which captures the imagination of children as well as their parents. Clay collected from the individual pueblos in New Mexico, is then refined by mixing with water, dried, and mixed again. Old broken pieces called shards are crushed, both for stability and  tradition, and incorporated into the clay. Then the process of coiling begins  and the pots take shape. After they have dried, paint made from color taken from special local rocks and vegetation, is applied, dried, burnished with a smooth rock, and fired over dried cow dung. Primitive, filled with spirit and history, and beautiful results are pulled from the fire, and are cherished for a lifetime. Most traditional Pueblo Indians are buried with a pot to this day. Here are three examples which might appeal to kids, and many more are available if you click on the icon of a pot here at Beverly Kaye Gallery.

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