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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Asking kid questions about art.........

This is part of an interesting article by Cindy Carson about children and art. Enjoy!
Children love art. Art helps a child’s imagination and creativity. It can help develop their fine motor skills, cognitive skills and problem solving abilities. It provides a calming activity. It can be used as an emotional outlet to express feelings. It develops manual dexterity (through using hands to create) and it increases sensory awareness.......
Visiting an art museum occasionally is another great way to foster a love of art.
When viewing artwork, ask kid questions about the paintings they see, like “what time of day is it in the picture?” If there are people in the painting, ask “what are they doing? And, describe the mood: are the people happy? Sad? Angry?” Talk about the colors, and how the picture makes your child feel. Explain the media used to create the artwork (i.e. oil paints, bronze for sculptures, acrylics, etc). Talk about when the artwork was created and who the artist was. Parents should study art also, so they can be prepared for any questions.
Parents can show books showcasing fine art to their little ones, such as the Come Look With Me, Enjoying Art with Children series by Gladys Blizzard, or the Child’s Book of Art, by Lucy Micklethwait. Kids might also enjoy an art class, or even entering an art contest.
So start introducing your kids to the world of art. Who knows? Your little one might be the next Rembrandt, Van Gogh or Picasso.

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