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Friday, August 28, 2009

Ivan Koota is a self-taught painter, but a retired pediatrician as well! He illustrates scenes from his beloved Brooklyn, NY heritage and relies on both memory and historical photographs for fodder. His charming paintings illustrate a time gone by, and will pull at the heartstrings and memories of all who have experienced this same past. Here's a bit from the painters own voice.....

"Most of my paintings focus on neighborhoods and the “simple” events of daily Brooklyn life like shopping, children at play, sports, family entertainment, etc. Simple yes…but it’s the stuff that made special the vibrant and nurturing family neighborhoods of Brooklyn either before or during the 25 years I lived there and happily continue to the present. My work also includes prominent Brooklyn sites like parks and important buildings.

In April, 1996, I had my first solo exhibit at the Frank Miele gallery in NYC. Since then I have been in several solo and group shows. In 1998 my painting of Ebbets Field titled “Before the Game” was exhibited at the Fenimore Art Museum in Cooperstown, NY."

Dr. Koota's list of honors is great, but the paintings tell the better story for children of all ages. I hope you enjoy these extraordinary paintings.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Real art for and by real kids......

Kieron Williamson is a six year old child from the UK who paints like a pro. Your own children probably also have turned out a masterpiece or two. Why not honor one of the best with a lovely matt and frame? Real art for real kids, by real kids! The encouragement will go far, and who knows what lurks in the heart of kids? Click on the title to read more about this amazing young artist.