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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Child's Own Studio, a name you should know!

If you know a child, love a child or simply want to give an amazing gift to a child, you need to know about Child's Own Studio. This clever artist makes your child's own drawings or paintings come to life as a cherished stuffed friend, sure to become an heirloom. And what better way to preserve that favorite art work that's been hanging on the fridge forever and a day. Here are some examples, but you can find more at the website, or join this clever artist on her page on Facebook, also named Child's Own Studio. Be sure to plan ahead of time as there's quite a waiting list, as you can imagine. What a better way to encourage a budding new artist!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Tag Sale Discovery!

A visit to a neighborhood tag sale reminded me of another great way to collect Real Art for Kids. There on the living room wall was an original Pamela Holeman acrylic on canvas painting (48" x 36") for sale. Holeman's women were well known in the 1960's through the 1990's for their gorgeous juxtaposition of patterns and painterly colors. This painting was no exception. The reclining woman was wearing a lovely white on white dress trimmed with lace. She was resting on a multicolored quilt against a stunning background of peach tulips, white hydrangea and lavender bluebells. Although the painting was signed with the artist's last name on the front, and her full name, painting title, date, location and hanging instructions on the back, the price tag affixed by the resale company was a fraction of the real value.
Pamela Holeman was a Silvermine Guild artist in the 1970's and her work was frequently shown there, as well as at prominent galleries. I was able to buy this painting for 1/3 of the tag sale company's asking price so I hope my granddaughter, who has been quilt making since the age of 8, likes it. If not it will go into the galley at a great price for all!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sculpture in The Garden Show

The Sculpture in The Garden Show is almost here!
Mark down Saturday, June 11th and Sunday June 12th in your calendars. I'm introducing three new artists who, relying almost entirely on recycled materials, have created some remarkable works of art. And the regular crew, whom you've come to expect, will be bringing tantalizing new pieces.
William Brock will be returning from Tennessee, and his birds, seen above, were one of the highlights of the show last year. Wait till you see what I've collected for this year!
Birds, fish, masks, stone sculpture, robots, musicians, and horses by the brilliant sculptor, Joe DeMarco, whirligigs by Sonny Cardinelli, odd birdhouses, and even handmade and quite quirky dolls by Sandy Mastroni will be offered. You will now be able to order handcrafted metal stands for the popular stone heads, should you want to bring them inside. Mine stay out all year and give the garden interest even in the winter. (We won't always get 64 inches of snow!)
This year, to mix things up a bit, Maishe Dickman is showing his elegant redware pottery, which has made the cover of Ceramics Monthly.
This is a fun visit for the whole family and it opens the children's eyes to all the possibilities of recycling materials,.
9am to 4pm each day
See you there!

Monday, September 6, 2010

New Bedford Whaling Museum

With fascinating films depicting the history of whaling, as well as huge skeletons of whales hanging overhead, the New Bedford Whaling Museum, in Massachusetts, is a splendid destination for parents and their curious kids. The cobblestone streets downtown lead to an ancient harbor and best of all, the Museum itself. From Sailors Valentines constructed from a myriad of shells to the best collection of Scrimshaw ever, this museum will delight the whole family and give a wonderful opportunity to discuss life aboard a whaling ship. Have art supplies ready because this trip will fire up imaginations and lead to some wonderful projects. The kids can collect shells from the seashore (or buy a small bag of more exotic shells in the gift shop) and cover small boxes. For an overnight stay, there are wonderful B&B's in the area in whaling mansions, as well as hotels with pools. Now I sound like a travel agent, but this is an exciting stopover for all.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

A New World of Curiouser and Curiouser for Your Kids

Sandy Mastroni worked for years as a decorative painter, often turning old, unappreciated furniture into stunning pieces garlanded with wisteria and hydrangea. But in private she had notebook upon notebook which she filled with images that haunted her, danced in her head and intrigued her. Finally she put aside the decorative painting and attended to her fantasies, to the delight of a growing audience. Although her paintings are in major collections, galleries and museums, they are still affordable, and are appreciated by adults and children alike. My own grandchildren cherish their Mastroni paintings and yours would as well. Check out other Mastroni works of art here under the New Artists button.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Photography is Art

Why not hang family photographs in a child's room as an introduction to the art world? A casual, as well as a more formal, image can work beautifully. The kids can be involved in choosing the picture, as well as picking an appropriate mat and/or frame. My four year old grandson makes marvelous photographs......his eye view is just right for capturing unique angles. His father took fantastic photos of Pompeii when he was the same age. No one had quite captured the ruins from such a low, but powerful angle before! Photography is art, after all, and now is a great time to make wonderful memories, as well as honing your young photographer's eye.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Wear a Peg Wednesday! What a great Idea!

Pegs are clothespins, and the deal is to decorate one with your kids, and wear it on Wednesday, December 23rd, to remind the world to be a nicer place. The poster from Well H. Teddy explains it all.