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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sculpture in The Garden Show

The Sculpture in The Garden Show is almost here!
Mark down Saturday, June 11th and Sunday June 12th in your calendars. I'm introducing three new artists who, relying almost entirely on recycled materials, have created some remarkable works of art. And the regular crew, whom you've come to expect, will be bringing tantalizing new pieces.
William Brock will be returning from Tennessee, and his birds, seen above, were one of the highlights of the show last year. Wait till you see what I've collected for this year!
Birds, fish, masks, stone sculpture, robots, musicians, and horses by the brilliant sculptor, Joe DeMarco, whirligigs by Sonny Cardinelli, odd birdhouses, and even handmade and quite quirky dolls by Sandy Mastroni will be offered. You will now be able to order handcrafted metal stands for the popular stone heads, should you want to bring them inside. Mine stay out all year and give the garden interest even in the winter. (We won't always get 64 inches of snow!)
This year, to mix things up a bit, Maishe Dickman is showing his elegant redware pottery, which has made the cover of Ceramics Monthly.
This is a fun visit for the whole family and it opens the children's eyes to all the possibilities of recycling materials,.
9am to 4pm each day
See you there!

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