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Friday, February 15, 2013

Tag Sale Discovery!

A visit to a neighborhood tag sale reminded me of another great way to collect Real Art for Kids. There on the living room wall was an original Pamela Holeman acrylic on canvas painting (48" x 36") for sale. Holeman's women were well known in the 1960's through the 1990's for their gorgeous juxtaposition of patterns and painterly colors. This painting was no exception. The reclining woman was wearing a lovely white on white dress trimmed with lace. She was resting on a multicolored quilt against a stunning background of peach tulips, white hydrangea and lavender bluebells. Although the painting was signed with the artist's last name on the front, and her full name, painting title, date, location and hanging instructions on the back, the price tag affixed by the resale company was a fraction of the real value.
Pamela Holeman was a Silvermine Guild artist in the 1970's and her work was frequently shown there, as well as at prominent galleries. I was able to buy this painting for 1/3 of the tag sale company's asking price so I hope my granddaughter, who has been quilt making since the age of 8, likes it. If not it will go into the galley at a great price for all!