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Saturday, May 22, 2010

A New World of Curiouser and Curiouser for Your Kids

Sandy Mastroni worked for years as a decorative painter, often turning old, unappreciated furniture into stunning pieces garlanded with wisteria and hydrangea. But in private she had notebook upon notebook which she filled with images that haunted her, danced in her head and intrigued her. Finally she put aside the decorative painting and attended to her fantasies, to the delight of a growing audience. Although her paintings are in major collections, galleries and museums, they are still affordable, and are appreciated by adults and children alike. My own grandchildren cherish their Mastroni paintings and yours would as well. Check out other Mastroni works of art here under the New Artists button.


  1. Very nice. I LOVE Sandy's art:) !

  2. I agree! Sandy is an AMAZING ARTIST! and a very sweet person! Love her BLOG!

  3. Sandy Mastroni is one of my favorite artists. I am waiting for her to do a children's story. I would so buy that to read with my kids. She would wonderfully handle any of those old UN PC fairy tales.


  4. A children's book would be perfect for her! It would become a classic immediately! Let's hope......
    Thank you for your comments everyone!

  5. What a nice post. Sandy and her art are beyond special. She's a super sweet person with a touch of wackiness that is just what everyone needs.